Who are Emerald Family Farms?

Emerald Family Farms consists of a broad range of master growers, breeders, healers and farmers from The Emerald Triangle. EFF requires that all of their partners uphold high standards in all that they do. Each farm in the collective is small batch and private reserve because they strive for quality above all else. They live and work in this magical place called The Emerald Triangle and demand a great respect for the land in their care. Each farm is required to be water independent, follow organic standards, use best management practices and must give back to the land and their community.

The goal is to give members a platform for success by providing logistical support in the formation of their corporate entities as well as ensuring compliance with state and local environmental regulation. Emerald Family Farms also supports their partners by providing guidance regarding trademark and copyright laws as it pertains to marketing their individual brands.

Great Cannabis.

Emerald Family Farms is able to produce the best Northern California has to offer because it works with the best farms of the region who have honed their craft over, in some cases, generations. Emerald Family Farm members have been winning awards for years at the most prestigious and recognized competitions in the industry and now they are available to you.

All products are from farms that are held to the highest quality standards, are put through and have passed every available test and are now available at your local dispensary for your consumption. Our products fall into the Flower, Extract, Edible and Disposable categories and are available to all of California through our distribution partner.

Emerald Family Farms Awards

Award winning cannabis. Again and again.

Because our farms use clean practices, come from genetics that have been sifted and worked over generations and grown by expert cultivators and producers, our products rise to the upper echelons of competitors.

What makes them winners is not only the quality but the consistency of what you get. Something only experience and expertise can achieve.

We represent the largest coalition of independent, cannabis farmers steeped in years of experience.


Our member farms are from Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity Counties and represent the entire Emerald Triangle of Northern California cannabis cultivation. Meet them.

California State Map

We are near you. Come find us.

We know that access and consistency of that access is one of the biggest frustrations cannabis consumers face. That is why we work closely with our distribution partner to ensure that our family of products are available at your local cannabis retail outlet.

We want to ensure that those that are loyal or interested in trying Emerald Family Farm products know how to find them. We will be maintaining a list of locations we can be found in real time. Come check out where the nearest retailer is to you.

The Emerald Family Farms online swag store will launch soon.

Online swag store coming soon.

We will be able to sell our merchandise soon but until then please join our mailing list to stay notified.

The Emerald Family Farms online swag store will launch soon.

Retailers, contact us now!

The demand for Emerald Family Farms products is growing every day. You can find our family farms’ cannabis throughout California but we are not everywhere yet. If you are a legal collective or dispensary in California, contact us and we will help bring our products to your patients today.

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