We have incredible life-long farmers who painstakingly practice their craft.

Our list of member farms is growing everyday. Here are some of our featured farms at Emerald Family Farms. Look for their products at a dispensary near you.
On Point Farms

We at On Point Farms (OPF) are dedicated to bringing the best possible medicinal products to our patients and collectives. By incorporating current and officiant growing methods to produce medical marijuana while servicing the land as good stewards; we want to set regulatory trends along with morals and ethical standards that will move the industry in the proper legal direction, while servicing the needs of our patients.

Scarlet Fire Farms

Scarlet Fire Farms is a family owned cannabis farm located in Humboldt County, California. We are focused on conscious farming practices and positive land stewardship, with a mission to supply quality, clean medicine to our patients. Our family is focused on improving our natural surroundings by using ancient farming techniques, organic plant based inputs, and small batch cultivation methods.

Our family is strong because we are UNITED.

We'd like to introduce you to our family. We all appreciate you choosing us to provide you with your best cannabis experience.

Our list of member farms will be updated soon.

  • 5 Star Farms
  • Bear Earth Farms
  • Cali Gold Farms
  • Cali Love Farm
  • Cannavise Group
  • Country Gentlemen
  • Dog Patch Cultivator
  • Elk Ridge Holistic
  • Emerald Coast LLC
  • Emerald Coast Organics
  • Emerald Kid
  • Emerald Mountain Coast
  • Emerald Origins
  • Garden of Jah
  • Gold Country Cannabis
  • Green Heart California
  • Heavenly Farms
  • High Mountain Holistic
  • Hooberry Farms
  • Hum-Bud Collective
  • Humboldt Standard
  • Humboldt Stickyz
  • JD Ag
  • Jah Harmony Farms
  • Martin Blue Ray Farm
  • Moon and Stars Farm
  • Murphy Mountain
  • North Coast Investments Group
  • Northland Management
  • On Point Farms
  • Proxima Investments
  • Scarlet Fire Farms
  • Sky Mountain Resources
  • Sod Father Enterprises
  • Summit Creek LLC
  • The Humboldt Cultivator
  • Winterbourne Farms
  • Zeta Farms LLC
  • …and more to come