On Point Farms

Indoor and Outdoor

We at On Point Farms (OPF) are dedicated to bringing the best possible medicinal products to our patients and collectives.  By incorporating current and officiant growing methods to produce medical marijuana while servicing the land as good stewards; we want to set regulatory trends along with morals and ethical standards that will move the industry in the proper legal direction, while servicing the needs of our patients.

Our Philosophy

OPF takes its commitment to the community, neighborhood and to the immediate habitat seriously; as such, OPF is particularly sensitive to the ecological impact that the cultivation of medical marijuana may have on the local wildlife and surrounding natural systems.  OPF pays special attention to avoid creating any disturbance to local surface water habitats and subsequently, its natural biodiversity.  Provisions are taken to ensure the viability of the local habitat and the future livelihood and sustainability of:  the spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, California King Salmon and California Steelhead.

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We DO NOT sell directly from this website. Please contact us in order to help facilitate the ordering and receiving of Emerald Family Farms cannabis products.