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Emerald Family Farms is a farmer co-op with hundreds of the Emerald Triangle’s finest farmers under a single banner, navigating the ever-changing cannabis industry.

Our Story

Farmer Cooperation

The founders of Emerald Family Farms saw that the future for cannabis farmers was even more complex and competitive than the past. With the legalization of cannabis and an increased interest from corporate professionals, they knew that if the farmers of the region didn’t stand together, they would be marginalized. Farmers and Activists themselves, they created Emerald Family Farms to work in cooperation within the cannabis industry.

Our Mission

Our Products

Founded in 2015, Emerald Family Farms has been focused on cultivating award-winning cannabis and concentrate products, while working with smaller farmers to help them cross the hurdles of state compliance.

Incorporating the connoisseur cannabis of member farms from Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity Counties into our supply chain helps us offer a wider strain variety to our customers and offers a life-line to the region’s farmers and our local communities.

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Founding Members

Emerald Family Farms Team Photo - Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy
Owner & CEO

A 25-year Humboldt County resident, entrepreneur, and cannabis pioneer with a storied background in cultivation, manufacturing, policy, and regulation.

Emerald Family Farms Team Photo - Tanja Baker

Tanja Baker
Owner & Head of Distribution

A deeply experienced cannabis cultivator, distribution specialist, and sales executive focused on the Southern California market.


Emerald Family Farms was founded in 2015 by cannabis activists and farmers focused on cultivating award-winning cannabis and concentrate products.


Emerald Family Farms moved into a production facility in Arcata for packaging, manufacturing, and pack to order for third-party distribution of cannabis products all over California.


Emerald Family Farms launched a website to allow wholesale ordering and started its own distribution services by acquiring a fleet of delivery vans and hiring drivers to deliver products throughout California.


Emerald Family Farms purchased the Arcata facility and expanded both bulk sale operations and various vape and concentrate product lines.


Emerald Family Farms launched the Ripper product line and implemented a complete identity rebranding of logos, brand colors, and product packaging.


Emerald Family Farms launched the Loyal Concentrates product line and launched a more intuitive and expansive website and marketing campaign.