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California Cannabis Cultivators Grow With Us.

Emerald Family Farms partners with select eco­-friendly cultivators passionate about growing high­-quality, pesticide-free cannabis. Each of our products is co-branded with the farm that the flower came from so their farm has representation on all of our retail packaged flower.

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Cultivator Partnerships

70,000 lbs

Purchased from Cultivators

3.2 Million

Co-Branded Products Sold

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Focus on Growing

We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

When we buy your flower we provide a transparent purchase agreement, we take on the cultivator tax, and we provide complimentary transport from your facility to ours.

Trusted Performance

Trimming Done Right

We have several partnered relationships with processors around Humboldt County and will help you work with the facility that will be the right fit for your farm. They’ll trim your flower beautifully and quickly and transfer the final product to us when it’s finished.

Emerald Family Farms - Cultivators Section - Processing
Emerald Family Farms - Cultivators Section - Lab Testing
Compliance and Certainty

Know What’s In Your Grow

Utilizing our relationships with our testing facility partners, we can facilitate R&D testing for your flower so that you can focus on growing your next crop.


Supporting the Local Industry

We are a family run business and we treat our cultivators like family. When you sell to us you are helping ensure that cannabis money stays within our community and doesn’t go into the pockets of some corporate banker in New York City.

In the near future we will be adding Spotlights on Cultivators we work with. Our cultivators are like family, and we want to give them the opportunity to shine!


We believe in integrity in our business relationships and provide honest, straight forward, and transparent communication with our cultivators. Our Purchase Agreement clearly lays out both buyer and seller expectations, the quantities and values of each strain, and the rate and terms of the purchase. Our Purchase Agreements are designed to protect the cultivator as much as to protect us.


We pay our cultivators on time and offer realistic price quotes to ensure that what we tell you we can pay you, is what you actually get paid. All cannabis brought in over the last year has been paid for in full and within the timeframes laid out in their Purchase Agreement. Our cultivators are so important to us that we prioritize paying them over everything else. We value and respect that we can’t thrive unless they do.


We’re local and we do our best to stay local by supporting and working with the legendary local cultivators that have laid the ground work for this entire industry. We seek to source flower that is ethically and sustainably grown by small family farms in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties, though occasionally we like to support our neighbors in central and southern California.

Join Our Family

Our procurement team is small but mighty. We are easy to work with, friendly, helpful, and accessible. We actually answer calls and emails. We don’t dodge our cultivators or put them off. We attend to their needs and respect the symbiosis of our relationship. We are in this together and our team understands that this is not just business; we are working with real people who are supporting their families.

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