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Bulk Cannabis Sales

We offer a curated selection of sun grown and light dep flower grown by small farms in Humboldt, Mendocino, & Trinity counties. We also offer Distillate as well as Winterized, Decarbed, or Raw Crude all at competitive prices. We can host in person viewings of our product at our licensed Arcata facility or provide pictures and videos of available products.

What We Offer

Bulk Sales

Cannabis Flower

Our selection of sungrown and light dep flower buds, smalls, and trim is grown by small farms throughout the Emerald Triangle.

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Bulk Sales

Cannabis Distilate

Our selection of purified THC and CBD distilate is produced using cannabis grown by small farms throughout the Emerald Triangle.

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Bulk Sales

Cannabis Crude

Our selection of Winterized, Decarbed, or Raw Crude comes from cannabis grown by small farms throughout the Emerald Triangle.

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So how does it work?

We Like to Keep Things Simple


You Contact

Send us your business information, CA State License, and CA Seller’s Permit, by using our easy sign-up form on this page.


We Connect

Once your license has been verified, our bulk sales team will contact you and provide you with a personal login for our online bulk sales store.


You Login

Using your account, you can log into the bulk sales store and view our full menu or place orders for cannabis flower, distillate, or crude.

Proven Successful Relationships

Emerald Family Farms has supplied cannabis products to some of the largest distributors, micros, and manufacturers in the state of California.


Bulk Partnerships

35,000 lbs

Bulk Cannabis Sold


We believe in integrity in our business relationships and provide honest, straight forward, and transparent communication with our partners. Each and every sale comes with a Sales Agreement and an R&D (if available).


Our Sales Agreement clearly lays out both buyer and seller expectations, the quantities and values of each product, and the rate and terms of the purchase. They’re designed to protect our partners as much as to protect us.


Our bulk sales team is easy to work with, friendly, helpful, and accessible. We actually answer calls and emails. We don’t dodge our partners or put them off. We attend to their needs and respect the symbiosis of our relationship.

Let’s Work Together

Overall what separates us from other distributors is the experience we provide. We are business minded but we are friendly, warm, thorough and ethical. Contact us today, we’re excited to do business with you! Don’t want to use the form? You can also email us at procurement@emeraldfamilyfarms.com.

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