During these uncertain times, we just wanted to let you know that here at Emerald Family Farms, we are dedicated to bringing safe and quality products to Californians while implementing the highest standards necessary to protect workers and public health.

Our commitment to you means that we will continue production, sales, and deliveries in the regions in which we are allowed to do so while increasing our already high standards of safety and sanitation.

The cleanliness of our facility is always a top priority for us, and now more than ever.

In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, increased sanitation measures have been added with extra attention to frequently touched surfaces.

Any employee who is ill or has family members or house mates who are ill are required to stay home.

Our drivers, as well as our warehouse staff, are equipped with several forms of sanitation gear and personal protective equipment including hand sanitizer, face masks, and disposable gloves.

Additionally, we are practicing social distancing in our warehouse, using face masks and disposable gloves, and our administrative staff with the capabilities of working from home are doing so.

Understanding the importance of social distancing at retail locations, our sales team will be working from home to ensure that retailers are up to date on our newest products and continue to have the ability to place orders.

We are taking every precaution to keep ourselves, our valued retail partners, and our customers and patients throughout California safe.

You being apart of our family means that we will all get through this together. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

These are difficult times. From all of us at Emerald Family Farms, much love, and a sincere hope that you all remain healthy and safe.

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