Frequently Asked Questions


All the most common questions and answers about buying products and merch from our website.

How do I create an account? How do I login and place an order?

Only representatives of Licensed California dispensaries and delivery services may create an account and place orders. You can email us a copy of your current BCC Retail, Micro, or Distro license, as well as your BOE/CDTFA Sellers Permit, or you can use the sign up form on our Retailers Portal. For more information, or to call or email us, please visit the Retailers Portal or the Contact page.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We do not accept payments online. Upon delivery we accept Cash, Checks, Wire Transfers, or Money Orders, depending on your Terms agreement.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Very. We use industry standard secure protocols for all of our form and information submission. We will never share your private information with anyone.


All the most common questions we get from consumers about our cannabis products.

Where can I find [insert product here]?

You can locate EFF and Loyal products by using our Store Finder or looking us up on Weedmaps and Leafly.

Can I order directly from you?

Unfortunately, only representatives of Licensed California dispensaries and delivery services may order products from us. But you can buy our products by supporting your local dispensary or delivery service. Use our Store Finder to locate a dispensary near you!

I love strain “X”, can I get seeds or clones from you?

Unfortunately we do not currently sell seeds or clones.

What’s the best way to light my TWAX Joint?

Think of it like a cigar. Hold the flame a little ways from the tip of the joint and take quick puffs while twisting it in your fingers until a cherry is formed. You’re in for a helluva time!

Should I store my Loyal concentrates in the fridge?

Our concentrates should be stored in a cool dark place, but they don’t need to be so cold as to keep them in a fridge. That being said… some people like em’ cold!


All the most common questions and answers about product delivery to your shop.

How long will delivery take?

As long as your order is placed before the cutoff time for your region, we usually provide same week delivery. For shops that are outside of our regular delivery areas, there is a lead time of 7-10 days. Speak with your Territory Manager for more information.

What is your delivery schedule?

We usually deliver every week including most holidays. Delivery dates are determined by our regional order cut off times.

  • Shasta and Redding orders are due by Noon on Mondays.
  • So-Cal orders, including LA, Palm Springs, Calexico, and Needles, are due by Noon on Tuesdays.
  • Bay Area orders, including the North Bay, East Bay, Salinas and Santa Cruz, are due by Noon on Wednesdays.
  • North East orders, including Grass Valley and Mammoth, are due by Noon on Wednesdays.

Do you ship your products out of state?

No. We are a fully compliant California distributor and only sell our products to licensed dispensaries and delivery services in California. That being said, we look forward to the day cannabis becomes legal federally and we are able to do so!

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