Respect the land. Respect the people. Respect the plant.

That’s our code of conduct in Humboldt County. Emerald Family Farms was created in an effort to protect these core values of the cannabis movement, and to ensure that these values are the guiding principles of the new legal cannabis industry.

Our story

California’s Legal Cannabis Industry

At Emerald Family Farms we are excited by the scale of opportunities the California regulatory market brings and at the same time we still believe in paying tribute to the immense sacrifices of the many cannabis activists whose actions have given us all the ability to participate in a statewide cannabis economy.

Integrity Over Profit

Our goal at Emerald Family Farms is to provide high quality, clean, and affordable cannabis products that have been created without sacrificing either our commitment to strong environmental standards or our passion for social justice. Our ownership team has decided to proceed forward in an effort of conscientious capitalism, a way of doing business that acknowledges the necessity of profit, but does not prioritize profit over underlying values.

Value Based Business Practices

We believe that our company is an instrument to affect positive social change through business practices that are infused with our values. We intend to do well, by doing good. We strive to balance economic and environmental sustainability. We envision ownership of the cannabis community to be inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, and the LGBT community.

Our Story

The Future

Our future is To Be Determined, by you, our business partners.

Our future depends on how well we listen to you on topics such as price point, quality, cannabis farming advocacy. Emerald Family Farms has created an online platform to better communicate with our customer base and retail partners. We will be on the road trying to get the perspective of our retail partners firsthand. We will be developing online and in person workshops geared to helping cannabis farmers succeed in cultivation, marketing, and regulatory compliance. On our end, we are implementing the highest standards in the industry to bring the end product to market.

The best chocolate is not produced in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The best wine does not come from Gallo Farms. The best cannabis doesn’t come from sloppy production south of the border. The Emerald Triangle, our own home, produces cannabis whose quality is arguably unequaled, and small farmers are the creators of that reputation. Emerald Family Farms knows that its best chance to thrive, rather than simply survive, rests in the hands of its business partners. We hope to make our actions reflect our debt of gratitude to our customers, our small farmer origins and our business partners.


We hope to step into a successful future, side by side, with you.