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Grape Zkittles

A cross of the deliciously powerful Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains, Grape Zkittles is an indica dominant 70/30 strain with a phenomenal flavor profile.

The Experience:
As soon as you pop the top on the container of this beautiful champagne colored concentrate with the consistency of honey and the strong aroma of sugary grape candy and grapefruit, you know you have something special.

With much anticipation, I drop my dab on an e-nail set to 490°F and slowly inhale. A wonderful sugary flavor passes over my palate with splashes of grape candy and an undercurrent of diesel kush.

The effects are incredibly strong, before I exhaled my dab I could feel my eyelids beginning to lower and I swear, for a second the couch beneath me wiggled. After exhalation I had a mild dissociative effect, my body became very light like I was floating and my arms and legs became a little harder to manipulate. After this period which lasted perhaps 2-minutes my mind became very calm, quiet, meditative… it was beautiful. A powerful concentrate for sure, I recommend evening time applications.

Color: Champagne
Texture: Honey
Smell: Grape Candy, Grapefruit
Taste: Sugar, Grapes, Gas