Mojito, strain, concentrate


The Mojito strain is a sativa dominant 70/30 phenotype of the infamous Colombian Gold. A super potent and uniquely flavored concentrate that’s sure to please even the pickiest of connoisseurs. Mojito is a wonderful anytime concentrate that delivers a delicious taste and euphoric soaring high. Known for its mood-enhancing and arousal inducing benefits.

The Experience:
This apricot colored concentrate has a wonderful bouquet of sugar, gas, and pine with notes of berries that springs out of the jar when opened. My e-nail is now set to 490°F and after dropping about a match head sized amount of this Mojito onto the nail, a slight taste of apples and brown sugar come dancing out as you exhale.

For the 2nd dab I’ve decided that the flavor is so exotic with this extract that I’d like to try and get even more terps, so I drop the e-nail temp down a bit further to 485°F. This time I gather a dab about the size of two match heads and drop it on the nail. Amazingly as I blow the smoke out a mild tropical citrus fruit flavor passes with it! As the effects set in, I begin noticing how clearheaded, happy and upbeat I’m feeling and that I’m highly energized and ready for whatever is next. With the massive shot of energy, this Mojito delivers I could easily replace my morning coffee with a Mojito dab.

Color: Apricot Marmalade
Texture: Jelly
Smell: A wonderful bouquet of sugar, gas, and pine with notes of sweet mint berries
Taste: The taste of this unique extract can vary depending on the temperature of combustion. Very low-temperature dabs can bring out subtle tropical citrus fruit flavors, while higher temps can produce apple and brown sugar flavors to your pallet.
Effects: I think cannabis connoisseurs will find this extract fun and refreshing with its happy high energy feel and its ability to produce unique flavors. Mojito brings something a bit different to the table. In my opinion, a great daytime concentrate.