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Orange Crush

Orange Crush is an 80/20 sativa dominant descendant of the two legendary strains of California Orange and Blueberry, known for its super sweet tangy taste and long-lasting cerebral high.

The Experience:
Opening the jar of Orange Crush I find a wonderful orange marmalade colored concentrate with an exotic aroma of sugar, gas, lemons, and pine with notes of rosewater and oranges.

Setting the e-nail to 485°F I’m intrigued by the fragrance of this concentrate, dropping a nice sized dab onto the nail I’m met with an amazing bouquet of oranges and brown sugar with spices, sour citrus and a kind of floral finish.

You can feel this high creeping for a long time, the effects start out light with the eyes being gently pulled back and the feeling that a thousand tiny fingers are messaging the front and sides of the brain. As the minutes tick by the effects keep increasing, things begin to take on a more psychedelic feel with light color changes and colors becoming more and more intense, heavier weights are placed on your eyelids pulling them down further, soon the fingers that were massaging your brain make they’re way down your entire body, and suddenly the idea of finding a movie, a blanket, and a cat or other furry friend to cuddle with seems like a minor epiphany.

This one is tricky, one minute you think you’re properly medicated enough to tackle the weekly grocery store trip and five minutes later you realize just walking around the house is challenging enough for a while. This is a very powerful concentrate, it took away all of the day’s aches and pains in a single hit and left me meditative and happy. Best saved for the end of the day applications.

Color: Orange Marmalade
Texture: Fruit Compote
Smell: Sugar, Gas, Orange, Pine, Rosewater
Taste: Oranges, Brown Sugar, Spices, Sour Citrus, Floral