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Orange Turbo

Orange Turbo is a sativa dominant 70/30 cross of the Orange Creamsicle and Turbo Diesel strains. Delivering a soaring euphoric high that’s known to be long-lasting, happy, uplifting and for some act as an aphrodisiac.

The Experience:
Pulling the lid off the jar I spy a nice amber colored crumbly concentrate with the aroma of sugar and spices. With my e-nail set to 480°F, I gather a dab on the end of my stick the size of a matchhead. Dropping it on the nail I inhale deeply, the flavor of sugary berries passes over my pallet as I blow the smoke out. After ingestion I’m feeling quite energetic, easing back into the couch I’m noticing light psychedelic effects such as subtle color changes and color intensification as well as a nice body high. Good for end of the day applications.

Color: Amber
Texture: Crumble, like parmesan cheese
Smell: Sugar and spices
Taste: Sugary Berries
Effects: Nice energetic mind and body high accompanied by light psychedelic effects such as color intensification.