Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone strain is a balanced hybrid 50/50 with a phenomenal flavor profile that’ll keep you going back for more. The high is happy, lifted and mentally stimulating, combined with a deep body relaxation that washes away stress.

The Experience:
This amber colored concentrate has a wonderful fragrance that comes jumping out of the container. Sugar, berries, and pine with a background candy smell, all dance around your nose. I have an e-nail set to 485°F, settling down I collect a dab about the size of a small drop of water on the end of my tool. Plopping it onto the nail I’m rewarded with a wave of sweet berries and pine with a spicy finish.

For the 2nd dab I set the e-nail to 500°F, this live resin is packed with terpenes. Once ingested the effects at first are subtle, you immediately feel physically lighter and a slight euphoric sensation sets in. As I let a few minutes pass, I notice that the effects have increased by several orders of magnitude. Now my eyes feel heavily weighted, stress and anxiety are shown the door and I want to curl up with a blanket and a cookie. A nice concentrate for evening applications.

Color: Amber
Texture: Fruit Compote
Smell: Sugar, berries, and pine with a background candy smell
Taste: Sweet berries, pine, and spice
Effects: Rosetta Stone is a creeper, after inhalation you may feel physically lighter with a slight euphoric sensation, after a few moments eyes feel heavy and weighted, stress and anxiety evaporate.