SFV OG Dab sauce

SFV OG – Sauce

SFV OG is an Indica dominant 90/10 phenotype of the infamous OG Kush strain bred with Afghani, an almost pure indica strain to create the Southern California version of OG perfection.

The Experience:
Orange marmalade in color with a refreshing pine, lemon, and earthy OG aroma. Its early morning over here so I’ve snuck out to the backyard for some early morning dabs and to watch the sun come up. With the enail setup and the temperature on 485°F, I drop a popcorn kernel sized dab onto the nail and my palate is instantly awash in a swirl of sweet pine, pepper, and earthy OG flavors. After ingestion a wave of euphoria passed over my brain which moments later settled down into a general state of happiness along with this was a clear-headed feeling, physically I noticed I felt energized and loose like I was the Tinman and someone just oiled my joints. Now I’m ready for today!

Color: Orange marmalade.
Texture: Crystallized honey.
Smell: Pine, lemon, and earth tones
Taste: Sweet pine and pepper with an OG background.
Effect: Nice euphoric clear headed feeling, physically I’m feeling energized and ready to get this beautiful Sunday started.