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Sherbet is created through a super tasty cross of the delicious Pink Panties and infamous Girl Scout Cookies strains. Also known as ‘Sherbert’ and ‘Sunset Sherbet’ this indica dominant hybrid 85/15 strain packs a delicious punch of calming effects that are perfect for numbing away both mental and physical pains with ease.

The Experience: Orange marmalade in color with a slightly skunky, sugary candy smell that makes this old jaded taste tester excited to sample. Setting a dab the size of a popcorn kernel down on an e-nail set to 490°F and inhaling deeply, a slight sweet taste passes over my palate followed by nutty and earthy flavors. After exhaling a wave of happiness and calm washed over my mind, taking along with it, some stress and anxiety, leaving me feeling slightly energized and creative.

Color: Orange marmalade
Texture: Compote
Aroma: Combination of sugary, candy and skunk
Flavor: Sweet and nutty
Effect: After ingestion I experienced mild stress relief and a sense of happiness and calm in my mind, but at the same time it was also slightly energizing. Great concentrate for daytime applications.