Wifi - THC Terp Sauce concentrate

Wifi – THC Concentrate

Wifi, also known as White Fire 43, is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid with uplifting and cerebrally focused effects. Combining the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White strain.

The Experience: Looking like peach jam and smelling like sugary candy and jet fuel with a little OG kush mixed in, I’m ready to dive in! Dropping a dab the size of two matchheads on an e-nail set to 470°F I begin to taste pepper and spice with some OG kush, the flavors inspire visions of exotic Moroccan nights. Once ingested the effects are intense and sedative it immediately calms, centers, and quiets the mind. For me it wiped clean any muscular pain, anxiety, and negative thoughts I had, like taking a mini vacation. I think this would be great for end of the day applications.

Color: Peach jam.
Texture: Compote.
Aroma: Sugary candy and fuel with a slight OG kush aroma.
Flavor: Pepper and spice, OG kush.
Effect: Sedative is the word here, my anxiety and general restlessness from not getting out much today do to a backlog of projects around the house evaporate off the top of my head. Slumping back into the furniture with my head now in the clouds I can tell I’m going to sleep good tonight.