Cali Gold – THC Concentrate

The infamous Cali Gold strain is an Indica leaning cross of DS Gold and Jah OG Kush. Ask some old-timers about this strain and you may get a story or two about the Cali Gold. This long time favorite in the hills of California is well known for its citrus flavor and spaced out, head in the clouds high. The well-formed bright green buds are dense and heavily coated with sparkling trichomes.

The Experience:
Cracking the jar on the Cali Gold and I’m greeted with a sweet hashy, jet fuel aroma with hints of citrus that tells you it’s going to be good. Sitting in the living room with my e-nail set to 480°F I drop a dab on the nail and a very unique flavor combination of lemongrass and hash glide over my palate, the notes are subtle so I suggest low temp dabs to bring the terpenes out. The effects of this Ghost OG crumble are surprisingly strong, in just two dabs I’ve alleviated all the pain my body collected on the farm today, very sedative. This is a great end of a hard day concentrate when the mind and body need a little TLC.

Color: Orange marmalade.
Texture: Crystallized honey.
Smell: Sweet hashy fragrance with hints of citrus held together by a jet fuel or gas aroma
Taste: The flavors here are subtle but the taste of lemongrass with a light hash background is present.
Effect: after ingestion colors intensify slightly and I’m suddenly feeling happy, energized and creative.