Lemon Larry Loyal concentrate

Lemon Larry – Loyal Concentrate

Lemon Larry, also known as Larry OG, is the hybrid offspring of the infamous OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. Sought after for its high THC content and powerful high, this 50/50 hybrid will keep you coming back for more.

The Experience:
Lemon Larry OG has a mostly sugary aroma but stir it around a little and you may get some notes of apples and oranges. Dropping Lemon Larry OG on an enail set to a low temperature is sure to bring out pepper and classic OG flavored terpenes. After exhaling, my mind was rewarded with a shot of energy and euphoria which uplifts my spirits, after fifteen minutes the energy and euphoria faded slightly allowing me to focus on a thought or idea and run with it laterally, my mind felt loose and free at the same time I could stop and focus it sharply when I wanted to. Great for daytime applications.

Color: Bee pollen
Texture: Brown sugar
Smell: Sugary aroma with notes of crisp apples and sweet oranges
Taste: Pepper in the foreground, earthy wood in the background
Effect: Energetic, happy, creative