Orange Crush – Sugar Wax

The Orange Crush strain is a 80/20 Sativa dominant cross of California Orange and Blueberry, a long time favorite to many a cannabis connoisseur.

The Experience:
Orange Crush sugar wax has a beautiful lemon yellow color reminiscent of a limoncello, exciting the senses further is the aroma of grapefruit and anise combined with notes of sugar, pepper, and gas that comes wafting out of the container once the lid is removed. Now I would like to take a minute to relate a quick anecdote about my wife and the amazing medicinal powers of this extract, my wife has been plagued her whole life with crippling migraine headaches, she’s been to the doctor many times, she’s had two MRI’s and half a dozen CAT scans and nobody’s ever been able to diagnose her. The other day my wife woke up with a severe headache, she could barely walk and had gotten sick to her stomach twice within 30 minutes I was trying to think of things that I could do to help her when I remembered I had a small amount of Orange Crush sugar wax… now, my wife has taken dabs in the past and hadn’t had any relief from her headaches but I thought on the off chance that maybe it would help. My wife dropped a dab the size of a slightly larger than normal popcorn kernel down onto my enail and as soon as she exhaled a wave of relief washed over her face and a little bit of color came back to her cheeks, she put my rig down with a stunned expression and quietly said “I think I feel better” I said “yea, you think you feel better?” at that moment a huge smile came over her face and she said in a loud voice “hey, I really feel better!” she went on for the next 30 minutes about how for her whole life all she wanted to do was just turn her headaches off when they were at their worst and she finally got to do that. In short, this extract changed my wife’s life and I don’t say that lightly, this has been a very recent revelation but since the legendary dab, she has taken at least one dab every day and has new hope when it comes to relieving her headaches. Before I sign off on this review I and my family from the bottom of our hearts would like to thank the entire Emerald Family extract team for crafting such a fine concentrate.

*This result is based on personal experience and is in no way meant to be a claim on the medical benefits of this product

Color: Limoncello.
Texture: Compote.
Aroma: Anise, grapefruit, with notes of pepper, sugar, and gas.
Flavor: Grapefruit with notes of gas and cantaloupe.
Effect: Mentally centering with powerful analgesic effects combined with a slight physical dissociative feeling.