Sunburst OG loyal thc concentrate

Sunburst OG – Loyal Concentrate

The Sunburst OG strain is the sativa leaning 55/45 hybrid cross of Corleone Kush and Tahoe OG that delivers a soaring, head in the sky-high with a lip-smacking citrus flavor.

The Experience:
Sunburst OG almost looks like bee pollen, smells like lemon, and tastes like oranges. I have an enail set to 485°F so I gather about a popcorn kernel sized ball of Sunburst and drop it onto the nail while inhaling. The effects are immediate, my eyelids sink to the halfway point, my skull begins to feel like its being filled with a warm gelatin that surrounds my mind and pushes all thought out of my ears, physically all pain has left my body and I feel as though I’m floating yet my arms and legs feel heavy. I recommend trying this one in the evening when the day’s work is done.

Color: Raw bee pollen
Texture: Crystalized honey
Smell: Lemon zest and notes of orange
Taste: Orange zest and notes of blood orange
Effect: Physically dissociative with some light psychedelic effects such as colors intensifying