Frosting Pre-roll Joint Packs

Frosting is a mix of the something new, cut with a base of some classic. Purple Urkle was crossed with Cherry Pie, making for a fresh new 70/30 Indica flavor with ample bag appeal.

Frosting cannabis strain’s high will numb you pleasantly and leave you floating down a river of tranquility, with all negative or racing thoughts being thrown aside.

Frosting grows stout, with robust dense flowers. The Frosting buds are aptly named after their thick coating of crystal trichomes. It will move the crowd, and metaphorically slow traffic to a stop.

Reminiscent of the familiar powerhouse genetics like Grand Daddy Purple, Frosting combines California’s finest to create an ancient afghanica-like cannabis cultivar.

Effects: Happy, Soothing, Relaxing
Flavor Profile: Berry, Dank, Grape, Sweet
Aromas: Berry, Diesel, Floral, Grape, Musky, Sweet
May Relieve: Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia