Emerald Family Farms Pre-Roll Packs

Sour Tangie – Pre-Roll Packs

Sour Tangie, first crafted by DNA Genetics, is an energizing 80/20 Sativa created by crossing the powerful East Coast Sour Diesel and the crowd-pleasing Tangie. The large bright green buds are interwoven with orange pistils and coated in frosty THC trichomes.

The High:

The Sour Tangie high starts off with a powerful and euphoric head high that sparks your creativity and energizes you into action while simultaneously providing a relaxing body high that never settles into couch lock but often leads to the munchies

The Terpenes:

Upon opening this convenient hard case, the air is filled with a sour citrus aroma with notes of diesel and even floral scents. Upon combustion, these Sour Tangie pre-rolls will delight your palate with a tart sweetness combined with the flavor of orange peels, dirt, and diesel.

All the Feels:

Due to the Sativa effects, these Sour Tangie pre-rolls are perfect for social interactions or creative endeavors or just enjoying a relaxing afternoon around the house. However, the Indica effects provide relief from aches and pains as well as appetite loss. Recommended for use any time of the day.

Effects: Euphoria, Creativity, Energizing, Relaxation

Flavor Profile: Tart Sweetness, Orange Peels, Dirt, Diesel

Aromas: Sour citrus, Lime, Diesel, Floral

May Relieve: Stress, Depression, Aches and Pain, Appetite Loss