Emerald Kush joints strain

Emerald Kush – Loyal Joints

The Emerald Kush strain is the 70/30 indica dominant cross of the Fire OG and Emerald Diesel strains.  A delight to indulge in, the happy heady high and positive physical benefits of the Emerald Kush strain will put these nugs at the top of your favorites list.

Delivering a mentally expansive high and a deep heavy-body sensation, this cannabis strain has a way of freeing the mind and easing physical stress. Often described as creative and euphoric, this strain’s positive experience may inspire a different perspective on day to day problems and worries.

The primary terpene profile of the Emerald Kush buds is a blend of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. The levels of myrcene attribute to the anxiety and pain-relieving qualities of this strain while the caryophyllene and limonene account for the spicy, peppery, earthy lemon aroma and flavor profile.

Great for almost any occasion, the Emerald Kush high is both physically relaxed, yet sparks social interaction, creative conversations, and laughter. The happy high has a wide array of medicinal benefits. A good choice for those seeking mental relief from the symptoms of mood debilitating disorders and for alleviating minor pain, cramping and muscle tension.