Jah Goo Joints! Jah Goo - 1gram Pre-roll Joints

Jah Goo Joints

Jah Goo is a hybrid cross between Purple Jasmine and Afgani Goo. With a 50:50 indica/ sativa ratio, it is stronger than its counterparts.

Apart from being dark green in color, the buds are incredibly dense. Its smell is the combination of different scents including hash and berry, along with pine undertones. As for the taste, it is incredibly sweet and appeals to cannabis users and patients alike.

Once you smoke the strain, you will come to realize the first hour is quite sativa-like. You will feel sedated but the high is incredibly strong.

The effects are uplifting, meaning you will stay focused and will find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. This also ensures you endure a rather long-lasting buzz which will be felt mostly behind your eyes.