Sour Jack Loyal Pre-roll joint

Sour Jack – Loyal Joints

The Sour Jack strain is the heavy hitting 70/30 Sativa dominant cross of two of the most well-known sativa strains, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. Quickly rising to the upper echelons of the cannabis hierarchy, Sour Jack has a distinct terpene profile that denotes it’s signature sour, citrus diesel aroma and flavor.

The skunky sour goodness of these Sour Jack buds provides a strong, happy, mentally uplifting high. Propelling the user on creative, inspired thought tangents that are great for sparking conversation in social settings and unveiling your creative artistic visions.

The buds have a similar structure to its Sour Diesel parentage. Vivid lime green and calyx-shaped with sporadic orange hairs and crystal trichomes just stacked all over the buds.

The powerful sativa high of Sour Jack is great for daytime sessions and useful to those struggling with depression.