Wedding Cake joints cannabis description

Wedding Cake Joints

Wedding Cake is a 60/40 indica dominant cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies that’s also known as ‘Pink Cookies’. The Wedding Cake strain delivers the highly sought-after powerful effects of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, with a bit of creamy smoothness to even out the sour tangy flavor.

The buds of Wedding Cake are chunky and dense, a typical indica structure that’s completely covered in an anything but typical coating of crystal trichomes that gives these buds the appearance of being rolled in sugar. The buds are emerald green with fiery burnt orange hairs, yet appear white due to the THC crystal covering.

Wedding Cake’s buds are aromatically distinct with a skunky funk that has hints of citrus and berries. When prepping for smoking the aroma is amplified and the skunky funk fills a room.

The high starts relatively quickly with a cerebral mood boost that’s uplifting and energizing, bringing happiness and euphoria. Users will find that as the high settles in, the body will be more relaxed and relieved from stress, while the mind wanders with creative thoughts and introspection.