Animal Cookies

The Animal Cookies strain is the indica leaning 60/40 hybrid cross of two cannabis classics, G.S.C. (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and Fire OG.  Animal Cookies has a complex sweet, yet sour aroma with heavy full-body indica effects.

The Animal Cookies buds are a dense, frosty green with purple hues. The flavor can be described as hashy or just plain strong and potent.  Animal Cookies delivers expanding hits that bring on a serious full-bodied high that settles in fairly quickly.

These heavy, almost narcotic-like indica effects, are known to provide pain relief, relaxation, and sleep. Emotional well-being accompanies this relaxation so that users typically feel remarkably comfortable and contented.

The Animal Cookies strain is a good selection for the end of the day activities.

Effects: Sedating, Relaxing
Flavor: Hashy, Spice, Skunk
Aroma: Skunk, Spice, Hash
May Relieve: Pain, Cramping, Insomnia