Big Smooth strain cannabis by Emerald Family Farms

Big Smooth

The Big Smooth strain is a 60/40 Indica dominant cross of the two insanely delicious strains of OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream. With an addictive flavor profile, pleasantly smooth smoke and longer lasting sedative high, the buds of Big Smooth are sure to become a favorite.

The Big Smooth buds are a delight to the senses, the intense berry aroma and beautiful coloration of these buds will put a smile on your face before even smoking. A bright lime green, speckled with vibrant orange hairs and covered in a thick coating of glistening trichomes, the Big Smooth buds are both beautiful and potent.

The effects are felt soon after the first toke, with a rush of lifted feelings that send waves of relaxing euphoria washing over the body and mind, taking the layers of stress away and leaving the user in a blissful state that can spark arousal and the giggles.

The Indica leaning effects of the Big Smooth buds make it a good choice for enjoying in the evening or for those seeking to alleviate chronic pain, cramping or insomnia to name a few.