Biscotti cannabis strain description


The Biscotti strain is a rare 80/20 indica dominant hybrid, that was created by crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG. The result is a classic cookies variety with an insanely delicious flavor profile.

The Biscotti high comes on with a rush of cerebral effects that launch the mind into a pure lifted state of unfocused bliss, that is often accompanied by a good case of the giggles.

As the mind settles, a body buzz will wash over you allowing for deep physical relaxation. Biscotti tends to relax both the body and mind, leaving thoughts clear without any confusion, fogginess, or lethargy. A great social strain as it tends to cause giggles and robust conversations, which are perfect for sharing with friends.

The Biscotti buds have a mouthwatering aroma of sweetly baked cookies with a pungent earthy spice. Biscotti buds have a delicious sugar cookie flavor with a rich spicy exhale.

Effects: Heady, Happy, Relaxed
Flavors: Sugar, Cookie, Spice
Aromas: Baked goods, Cookies, Spice
May Relieve: Cramping, Muscle & Joint Pains, Stress, Anxiety