Cherry Gelato Key Lime Pie strain

Cherry Gelato Key Lime Pie

The Cherry Gelato Key Lime Pie strain is a terpene packed 60/40 indica leaning hybrid created by crossing the tasty threesome of Cherry Pie, Gelato, and Key Lime Pie.

These deliciously sweet smelling buds provide a flavorful creamy smooth smoke that’s a sweet fruity blend of berry and spice.

The slightly indica leaning genetics of Chery Gelato Key Lime Pie creates a versatile high that can be enjoyed both day and night. Delivering a level of euphoria and relaxation that increases with every puff.

In smaller doses, users report a near immediate mood boost that sparks socialization, creative thought and even the giggles. With larger doses, users report a deep relaxation that settles into the body and mind without the knockout of pure indica strains, making these tasty buds a great choice for sharing with your special someone.