Chiesel strain cannabis description

Chiesel Strain

The Chiesel strain is the heavy hitting 55/45 Sativa leaning cross of two varieties known for their powerful potency, Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel.

Expect that strong diesel stench and soaring rush from each potent hit of these 32.81% THC buds.

The pungent skunky diesel aroma of this strain is difficult to contain. The dense crystal trichome covered nuggets show their sheer potency in both appearance and aroma. This batch is sure to delight the Diesel connoisseurs with its strong hits and mouthwatering spicy flavor.

Chiesel strain is known for its elevated effects and may be used for patients dealing with symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, mood fluctuations, and depression.

The powerful effects of the Chiesel strain make it best saved for days off and evening use when winding down from a long day.