Chile Verde strain description

Chile Verde

Chile Verde is a new terpene oozing delight from Hbk Genetics that’s quickly becoming a crowd favorite. This 70/30 indica dominant cross of a Cookies Family, Key Lime Pie cut and the infamous Lavender strain by Soma seeds is an aroma and flavor explosion.

The skunky lime, lavender, and pungent diesel smell radiate off these nugs. A real jar opening pleaser. From lime green to dark purple, with all the hues between. These multicolored buds are covered in a clear sparkling layer of trichomes alluding to their potency.

This sweet treat is easy to over-indulge in. The strong indica high starts off quick inducing a spaced-out, head in the clouds high that sends you soaring on thought tangents and may even cause you to forget to pass after you puff.  As the high settles in the body buzz spreads through the shoulders and back, alleviating muscle tension and stress.

Sure to be a favorite of the indica connoisseur, these dreamy effects make the Chile Verde strain a great choice for evening use or when your tasks are done.