Crunchberries strain cannabis

Crunchberries Strain

The Crunchberries strain is a scrumptiously potent 70/30 indica dominant cross of the infamous OG Kush and an unknown berry strain.

Highly sought after for its lip-smacking berry aroma and candy-like aftertaste, the Crunchberries strain buds are a delight to indulge in. The dense, mostly forest green buds have a speckling of violet and are covered in a frosty coating of trichomes.

The Crunchberries strain high is as pleasing as its flavor. Providing a euphoric, happy, mood-enhancing buzz that in small to moderate doses inspires creative thought and socialization while easing tension and enveloping users in a deep sense of relaxation. The Crunch Berries buds taste so good that it’s easy to toke a bit too much and get the full OG Indica effects that usually end with a good nights sleep.

The versatile high of the Crunchberries strain can make it a great choice for most occasions and for those seeking a sweet treat to alleviate pain, cramping, anxiety, and stress.

Also known as Crunch Berry & Crunch Berries.