Ebola strain description

Ebola Strain

The Ebola strain, also known as Ebola #7, is the 75/25 Sativa dominant cross of two cannabis classics, SFV OG and Girl Scout Cookies.

The unique name of the Ebola strain comes from the fast and unintentional spread of this phenotype throughout Humboldt County, and thus, the viral nature of this plant sort of named itself.

The full spectrum high from the Ebola strain is great for social gatherings. Stimulating and energizing at first, soon to be accompanied by a full-body relaxation that settles in along with euphoric bliss. As the high wanes down the sedative-like properties build and will likely lead to laziness and/or sleep eventually.

The potent popcorn shaped buds are submerged in a thick coating of sparkling trichomes. Aromas and tastes are similar to the parent strains, providing a pungent sweet earthy spice and pine flavors.