God's Treat cannabis strain

God’s Treat

The God’s Treat cannabis strain is the pleasantly powerful 75/25 Indica dominant cross of Dutch Treat and God Bud. Expect an exceptionally uplifting, yet physically relaxing cerebral high that’s a delight to enjoy in any setting.

The aroma and flavor profile of the God’s Treat strain is a gassy fusion of diesel and sweet berry floral undertones. The thick coating of crystal trichomes covering these buds really shows its sheer potency.

The high comes on in waves of intensity, leading you into indulging in ideas with a creative mindset while at the same time inducing a deep physically relaxing body buzz.  This cerebral mindset can facilitate work on complicated tasks and can also lift some inhibitions dependant on the setting.

These effects make the God’s Treat strain suitable for either day or nighttime use in most situations. A great choice for those seeking relief from aches, pains, and cramping without the sedation of typical of indica strains.