Emerald Family Farms - Gusherz Littles Bags

Gusherz Strain

Fans of candy inspired strains like Runtz and Zkittles will not want to miss the chance to enjoy Gusherz, a strain crafted by Cookies Fam Genetics when crossing Gelato #14 and Triangle Kush. The small dense bright green buds are interwoven by long amber pistils with a sugary blanket of glistening trichomes.

The High:

Gusherz bursts forth with a body high that starts with a relaxing euphoria and a tingling sensation that eases aches and pains. The head high soon creeps in by boosting your mood and calming the mind.

The Terpenes:

Gusherz complex terpene profile consists of Limonene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene accounting for the sweet and sour tropical candy aroma with hints of grapes, and the rich tangy fruit and earthy cookies flavor.

All the Feels:

These Gusherz littles are a powerful and sweat treat that taste as good as they smell. But this is one candy that medical users will lust after for relief from aches and pains, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifting

Flavor Profile: Fruity, Tangy, Cookies, Earthy

Aromas: Tropical, Candy, Sour, Grapes

May Relieve: Pain, Stress, Anxiety