Hulk Smash strain cannabis description

Hulk Smash

The Hulk Smash strain is the supremely potent 75/25 Indica dominant cross of the Original Bruce Banner #3, once touted by High Times Magazine as the “Worlds Strongest Strain” and the outstanding terpene profile of Strawberry Diesel.

The resulting flowers retain the phenomenal resin content and heady potency of Bruce Banner #3 amplified by the overall bud production and flavor profile of the Strawberry Diesel parentage.

Not a strain you want to let pass by untouched. The unique terpenes of this cross hail back to it’s OG Kush heritage, delivering a lip-smacking diesel spice that’s complemented with a berry sweetness.

The buds are large to medium in size, well-formed and dense. The multi-colored nuggets range from lime green to soft violet with fire red hairs woven throughout. These buds glisten and glimmer from the heavy covering of THC trichomes.

The powerful indica high comes on quick with a euphoric rush following every puff. The potent effects could possibly be a one-hitter quitter for the cannabis novice, yet the Kush connoisseur will thoroughly enjoy the spaced-out, head in the clouds, stress smashing high of this couch-locking cannabis.  As this high settles in, you’ll find yourself immersed in deep physical relaxation while your mind wanders effortlessly through thoughts free of stress and anxiety.

These blissful effects make the Hulk Smash strain a great choice for those looking to unwind at the end of the day, enjoy a quiet evening at home with a special someone or for those looking to alleviate pain, stress, muscle tension and anxiety, to name a few.