Johnny Cash cannabis strain

Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash strain was named to honor the memory of the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. One of the best selling music artists of all time, Johnny Cash was well known for enjoying the effects of cannabis smoking. As the meme says “you may be high” “but you ain’t Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush high.”

That being said, welcome to the powerful 60/40 sativa dominant high of the Johnny Cash buds. This euphoric high comes on fast and happy, instantly uplifting your spirits with an energizing blissful boost that zaps negativity. As the often giggle inspiring high settles in so does the tingly body buzz that leaves you tension free and relaxed at the core.

The buds are tight and dense with an ample amount of crystal trichomes seemingly stacked on top of each other to give these beauties the appearance of being rolled in sugar.  Pungent diesel and skunk aroma greats your senses when you crack open the jar eluding to the potency of this strain. The flavor hails back to an OG Kush crossing though the genetics of this strain is unknown. Users can expect that skunky earthy spice typical of the OG varieties we have grown to love to coat their pallet with every puff.

The mood elevating effects of this strain make it great for daytime sessions and social gatherings. This strain is also a good choice for those seeking relief from mood-debilitating disorders such as depression and social anxiety.