Mr Nice Guy strain description

Mr. Nice Guy

Developed by Sensi Seeds, the Mr Nice Guy strain is the 80/20 indica dominant cross of the legendary government strain G-13 and the Hash Plant strain, also a Sensi Seeds creation.

Named to honor one of the most prolific cannabis smuggler’s ‘Mr. Nice,’ aka Howard Marks.  After his time in Federal prison, Mr. Nice released an International bestselling autobiography of the same name that details his lucrative deals.

The Mr. Nice Guy strain is a cannabis classic in its own right and a favorite of indica strain lovers for decades. Extremely dense buds of darker green with violet hues that are oozing with glistening trichomes.

The flavor and aroma are sweet almost berry-like with an overpowering hashy spice that screams potency. The puffs are smooth and expanding with a spicey hash bite.

So nice… A supremely euphoric high, that’s a head in the clouds journey around wonderland. Leave your worries behind with this stress-relieving strain. Known to be great for loosening up social occasions and shedding inhibitions. The high is soaring yet relaxed and fun. Heavy sedating indica effects await those who overindulge, yet in moderate doses, the mind stays alert and creative. The Mr. Nice Guy buds are a great choice for evenings out or at home with that special someone.