Night King strain description

Night King Strain

The Night King strain developed by Secret Society Seed Co. is the supremely potent 50/50 hybrid cross of Jabberwocky and Purple Punch.

Carrying the powerful effects of both its sativa and indica parentage, this aptly named strain stands above the rest with its crown of white frosty trichomes displaying its 34% THC potency.

This bud packs a very strong happily energetic high filled with ecstasy and a deep sense of euphoric ease in the mind and body. Physically relaxing yet mentally uplifting, sparking creative thoughts and boosting social activity.

The beautiful lime green Night King buds have a dense structure with orange pistils woven throughout and a thick coating of glistening trichomes. The skunky diesel aroma and spicy kush flavor profile can be summed up in one word, potent.