Ogre cannabis strain


The Ogre strain is a clone-only 70/30 indica dominant descendant of Master Kush, Skunk #1, and Bubba Kush, itself an offspring of OG Kush. Ogre is also known as Ogre OG and Ogre Kush.

Ogre’s powerful indica high is mostly physical, with a deep relaxation and couch-lock effects, though the sativa genes may also provide some mental focus.

The aroma of the Ogre strain is very ‘kush-like’ with strong skunk undertones with notes of citrus. This makes sense because Master Kush has Skunk #1 in its genetics.

This Skunk #1 plant also adds a bit of spiciness to the overall smoke session, typical of a sativa strain. Opposite of that, the Bubba Kush in the genetics of Ogre provides much more of a heavy (stoned) effect, typical of most Indica strains.

A good choice for insomnia, pain, and appetite stimulation, Ogre is also useful as medication for everyday stress, worry, and anxiety.

Effects: focused, relaxation
Flavor: Skunk, Kush, Spice, Citrus
Aroma: Skunk, Kush, Spice, Earthy
May Relieve: Pain, Stress, Anxiety