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Phantomland Strain

A cross of two strains that are infamous in their own right, Grand Daddy Purple and Platinum Cookies, Phantomland (formerly known as Candyland) takes the best traits from both parents resulting in beautiful dense buds that are sweet, earthy, and sparkling with trichomes.

The High:

Phantomland sends you off to the races with a relaxing body high and a head high that will leave you energized, stimulate your creativity, and leave you happy and upbeat. This Euphoric treat is perfect for a mood boosting day at the river or just hanging out with friends.

The Terpenes:

Like many Cookies offspring, Carophyllene takes center stage contributing to Phantomlands spicy aroma and anxiety reducing effects. Limonene lends some sweetness and the mood enhancment while Pinene provides the earthy flavors and helps keep you alert.

All the Feels:

While everyone will appreciate it’s sweet earth and spice flavor profile and sweet musky aroma, medical users will love Phantomland for the relief it provides from stress, fatigue, and symptoms of depression.

Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Creative

Flavor Profile: Earthy, Sweet, Spicy

Aromas: Sweet, Musky, Earthy

May Relieve: Stress, Fatigue, Depression