Snowglobe cannabis strain description


The Snowglobe strain is a heavy hitting strain, testing at over 28% THC with soaringly powerful Sativa dominant effects. With genetics shrouded in Humboldt mystery, Snowglobe is said to be a descendant of the Humboldt Snow bred with the Sativa dominant Snowcap strain.

The frosty Snowglobe buds are a brilliant bright green with sparse orange hairs that appear white due to the heavy coating of glistening trichomes. Like it’s namesake’s the Snowglobe buds have such a covering of trichome’s they appear to have been rolled in the snow.

Potent is the best word to describe the flavor profile of the Snowglobe buds. The hits are strong and taste like an ultra clean hash extract with a lemony exhale that leaves a bit of mint on the palate.

The soaring, mood-lifting sativa high instantly lifts the spirits. Zapping any form of bad mood you may have had by sparking creative thoughts, social interaction and motivation.

A great strain to choose for daytime activities and outings with friends.