The Snowman strain is a sativa dominant 70/30 phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain that gets its name from the heavy coating of crystal trichomes that gives the buds an appearance of being rolled in snow.

It may be something in that magic hat or it could just be the 27% THC level of these frosty potent Snowman buds!

Just a toke or two is bound to send you on a soaring euphoric rush that’s both heady and happy. A stimulating mental high that sparks creative socialization, combined with a stress relieving mellow body buzz that just zapped any anxiety or muscle tension you may have had.

The Snowman buds deliver a sweet kushy flavor that screams ‘strong’ when you hit it and leaves a bit of a fruity aftertaste on your palette. A great sativa dominant strain for both day and nighttime use.