stardust strain cannabis description

Stardust Strain

An ever-growing favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, the Stardust strain is a 55/45 Sativa leaning hybrid oozing with an amazing scent of skunk and berries.

Although little is known about the Stardust genetics, she lives up to her name with buds that are packed to the brim with white glistening trichomes. Each emerald green nug is so totally coated that making use of a grinder when preparing for smoking is recommended.

The Stardust high settles in soon after the first toke, launching your mind into an unfocused state of pure euphoria. As you reach new heights a soothing and relaxing body buzz slowly settles down the spine and throughout the body.

The Stardust high is versatile and can be enjoyed in most settings. The Sativa leaning effects and relaxing body high make the Stardust buds a great option for those looking for a stress relieving strain to use throughout the day’s activities.