Sunday Driver strain description

Sunday Driver

The Sunday Driver strain, aka Sundae Driver, is the decadent 50/50 hybrid cross of two terpene packed strains, Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. Combined, the sweet fruity berry and smooth creamy tones are wrapped up into one exotic delight.

Supremely tasty joints! The fruity tones of cherries, apricots, and fruity grape candy await. The sparkling buds of brighter lime green and violet fill the room with their berry aroma when prepared for smoking.  The unique flavor of this strain is best delivered when smoked through a clean pipe or rolled into a joint.

The Sunday Driver high is happily laid back, soothing and stimulating. Users will find the versatile high of these buds suitable for most any occasion.

Delivering a happy heady rush that is mentally stimulating and energizing while complimented by supremely soothing physical effects. A great strain for relaxing on a day off or to enhance any outing.