Tangie Cookies strain description

Tangie Cookies

The Tangie Cookies strain is the terpene-packed 60/40 sativa cross of Thin Mint GSC and Tangie. Known for its pungent orange aroma, lip-smacking flavor profile, and happy uplifting high.

Buds of Tangie Cookies show their extreme potency long before smoking with the heavier than average coating of glistening trichomes and phenomenal orange citrus aroma. These dense, multicolored beauties produce an over 5% terpene profile that provides the fantastic flavor profile and delivers a broad spectrum high that’s both motivating and stress relieving.

The high is a rapid effect of euphoric tingles that build up your happiness and giddy side. The experience leaves you feeling very positive and cheerful. A great strain to share with friends for any day or night time activity.

The uplifting effects of Tangie Cookies should put it on the radar of those who are looking to alleviate debilitating mood conditions such as depression and anxiety.