Emerald Family Farms - Tangie & Cream

Tangie & Cream Strain

Tangie & Cream is the result of crossing the citrus forward Tangie from DNA Genetics with the sweet and potent Cookies and Cream from Exotic Genetics, resulting in a strong and balanced strain. The beautiful dark green nugs are blanketed in frosty trichomes with a smattering of orange pistils.

The High:

Similar to many strains from the Tangie family, the Tangie & Cream high starts in the head filling you with positivity and energy. As time passes, the high moves into the body leading to a deep relaxation and likely to the fridge for some snacks.

The Terpenes:

With Tangie in the mix, you can guess this strain is going to be dominated by Limonene which is responsible for the invigorating, anxiety reducing effect. Caryophyllene adds to the uplifting energized mental state, while Myrcene contributes to relaxing the body and nerves.

All the Feels:

Tangie & Cream is an instant classic that Cannaseurs will seek out again and again. The uplifting and lemony Tangie provides a perfect counterpoint to the sedative effect and vanilla cream flavor that comes from the cookie genetics in the Cookies and Cream.

Effects: Positivity, Calming, Euphoric

Flavor Profile: Orange, Cream, Sweet

Aromas: Citrus Rinds, Earthy, Skunk

May Relieve: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Insomnia