Venom OG cannabis strain

Venom OG

The Venom OG strain is an incredibly potent 50/50 Hybrid cross of Poison OG & Rare Dankness #1 with powerful indica leaning effects.

The forest-green buds of Venom OG have the pungent aroma of skunk and diesel with hints of earthy pine and lemon. Speckled with bright orange hairs and oozing with glistening trichomes, the over 32% THC potency of this batch of Venom OG is recognized before any puffs are taken.

The high of the Venom OG strain is incredibly euphoric, relaxing and sedating in nature. The tokes are strong and send you on a blissful rush that induces waves of stress relieving happiness. As the high settles in so does the full-bodied relaxation that comes with it.

It’s recommended to save this potent beauty for evenings or when your schedule is clear of any serious activity, as the powerful indica leaning effects of Venom OG often leads to lazy activities. The sedating and relaxing qualities also make this strain a great choice for those seeking to alleviate minor pain, cramping, anxiety & insomnia.